Friday, August 05, 2005


Well boys and girls, blondthots is not in the best of moods today. Sorry but how much of this weather is a girl supposed to take before you call her a wimp. Not even any wind for the answer to blow in. Anywho the thought for the day is egg whites, also called albumen. have you ever tried to get a little piece of shell out of the albumen after you had cracked it into a bowl. Well your intrepid reporter was baking a cake for her little brother's b-day (welcome to double digits, Spud) when she spotted the offending bit of shell in the bowl. Every time I got it is the spoon, I pulled it up and it slipped back to be with its brother egg. Finally, using a two-prong approach of pulling with the spoon and slicing with a knifeI was able to discover it was not part of the egg shell, but that little thing that hangs out near the nucleus of the cell, remember learning about that in biology--but I forget what it was called. Anyway you hardly ever see that in an egg, but there it was. I baked it into the cake with so far no untoward consequences, just continued heat wave, but I dont think we can assume any correlation.